DOROTHY A step forward in combating incidents in the agricultural business


The Challenge

One of Dorothy‘s objectives is to provide users with real-time values of volume, temperature and humidity in the field. It also aims to maintain the quality of their goods, crops and raw materials and to include graphic displays of the key performance indicators (KPIs) of the sensors.

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Our collaboration with Dorothy

Dorothy makes it possible to organise large volumes of sensors in different areas of the field in a single application, with the possibility of tracking and setting alarms to obtain information on environmental variations and thus generate automatic actions. The SNP application identifies unexpected and unforeseen events through the use of the sensors, presents these events to theusers of the operations and provides support for decision making. Organise large volumes of sensors in different areas of the field in a single application. Dorothy‘s uniqueness lies in the integration of OR data and business processes to provide intelligent context and real-time visibility across the field.

About Dorothy

Dorothy is a proprietary development of SNP and is an application for the agricultural industry (or industries with similar needs) developed with SAP Leonardo. This app allows the control and monitoring of variables such as humidity, volume and temperature of the hoppers where the grains are stored. The novelty lies in the fact that with Dorothy it is possible to act upon future incidents by
giving pre-established guidelines.