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SAP A&D Innovation Days

March 4-6, 2024 | Savannah, GA

The aerospace and defense industry had mixed results in 2023 but there was far more good than bad. Commercial air travel increased while accidents and fatalities dropped to record lows. As we begin 2024, potential growth could be impacted by the ongoing challenges of supply chain complexity, long lead times, cybersecurity risks, talent shortages, and logistical issues. Long-term solutions must be put in place quickly.

Working with data management in the aerospace and defense industry has specific and complex challenges when it comes to regulations, data handling, logistics, security, and more. Those challenges become exponentially more complex when looking at major IT transformation projects, yet a modern IT infrastructure is key to staying competitive. 

Join SNP and Northrop Grumman

At this year’s SAP A&D Innovation Days event in Savannah, GA, we’re sponsoring a session with our customer Northrop Grumman for a results-orientated discussion on NGC and SNP’s approaches to the data migration aspect of NGC's 1ERP program

Join us on Wednesday, 6 March at 3:10pm in the Oglethorpe Auditorium and hear about how Northrup Grumman Corporation effectively manages industry and company-specific SAP data migration requirements to transition from ECC to S/4HANA.

Your speakers:

April Ruiz

Director, 1ERP Solution Delivery
Northrop, Grumman Corporation



Diana Alline

Consulting Manager Technical US Service
SNP Group



The SAP S/4 program at Northrup Grumman Corporation (NGC) is one of the most significant and challenging 1ERP SAP projects the company has undertaken. The complexity stems from (1) the distinctive data and process requirements of the Aerospace & Defense sector, as well as (2) NGC's established business practices that are crucial for delivering differentiated products and operations. At the heart of any major transformation endeavor like this is data migration, and the aforementioned complexities impact what data gets migrated, how the data transforms, where it needs to go, etc. Join us for a results-oriented discussion regarding the requirements, solutions, and approaches chosen to address the data migration aspect of NGC's 1ERP program.

You can register for SAP’s A&D Innovation Days here.


With the help of the SNP transformation approach, we were able to adapt to current process requirements (New General Ledger) and convert our finance system to S/4HANA in one step.This created the basis for developing a uniform, central financial system for Airbus Commercial Aircraft.

Thomas Heine

Airbus Operations GmbH