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RISE faster: Speed without risk - business value without the wait

SAP S/4HANA is a journey, and RISE with SAP is the vehicle to deliver transformation and innovation as a service throughout the journey and after the move to S/4HANA is complete.

Important first steps such as evaluating transformation readiness, prioritizing process change requirements, and assessing the state of data are part of the process, but organizations can easily become stuck in “analysis paralysis” while their competitors are already seeing the value of operational resiliency and analytical insights.

In this session we will discuss: 

  • The RISE with SAP concept
  • What the journey entails
  • The importance of data within RISE with SAP’s clean code concept
  • Solutions that can accelerate the SAP S/4HANA journey while reducing migration costs and delivery risk.

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Darren Shaw

A&D Competency Leader & VP of Marketing at SNP

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Tyler Franks

S/4HANA Center of Excellence

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Since: 3/27/2024