Eppendorf reaches milestone in global restructuring of SAP financial processes


The Challenge

Eppendorf launched a finance re-engineering program to restructure its global SAP processes. The first project “NEW CO 2021” involved merging controlling areas, harmonizing master data and introducing profit center accounting.Eppendorf used two SAP ERP systems, one for all international activities and one for all activities in China. The goal was to perform a complete historical conversion of both SAP ERP systems while reducing the controlling areas from 63 down to a minimum.

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The project was part of Eppendorf’s re-engineering program that includes “NEW CO 2021,” which focuses on merging controlling areas, and the upcoming “NEW GL 2022/2023,” which aims to redesign the global SAP financial system.

The primary goal is to improve FI and CO processes so that they are standardized and future-oriented globally and for all legal entities in addition to being able to map various reporting layers (e.g. tax, ledgers).


  • Design →Build →TM0 →TM1 →TM2 →Go-live simulation →Go-live →Hypercare
  • The project ran in two SAP production systems (China, ROW) simultaneously and in parallel

The Solution

To achieve the goal, a currency conversion was performed to ensure that all the controlling areas were in order. The Indian controlling area had to be kept due to the fiscal year variant, but the cost center structure was harmonized. Other activities included reorganizing the cost centers and harmonizing the chart of accounts.

Given the dynamic environment, the project plan was closely aligned to the annual IT patch plan – a highly important element in a validated environment. The administration and scheduling of system copies, migrations and test cycles was pivotal to achieving an excellent result for the customer. The SNP team and Eppendorf worked closely together with Lufthansa Industries (consulting) and Arvato (infrastructure) to ensure the success of the project.

Both systems went live on one weekend. SNP is now ready for the second part of the finance re- engineering program at Eppendorf. SNP is going to be part of the project “NEW GL 2022/2023” to further support Eppendorf in redesigning its global SAP financial system.

SNP products used: CrystalBridge®–The Data Transformation Platform and Transformation Cockpit (Tc)

  • One cross-company profit center reporting layer and segment reporting layer
  • Integration of statutory and management reporting
  • Expanded functions for cross-company code activity allocation
  • Consistent and simplified maintenance of the master data for cost elements commercial, etc.).

Key Facts

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    Project duration

    6 months (NEW CO 2021)

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    Lufthansa Industries, Arvato

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    Countries involved


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    Controlling areas

    Reduced from 63 to 3

With the successful implementation of the first project phase ‘NEW CO 2021,’ SNP has impressively demonstrated its expertise in harmonizing global SAP landscapes and their full history. We are now ready for the second project phase ‘NEW GL’ –with SNP as our reliable partner.

Jelte van Vliet

Project Manager Accounting, Eppendorf SE

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