Maximum operational efficiency for enterprise management with SAP Ariba

Grupo Mirgor

The Challenge

Mirgor Group was looking for a comprehensive software solution to achieve maximum operational efficiency in procurement management, taking into account the elimination of inefficient processes. It also needed to achieve and maintain data consistency and quality, traceability of the different operations, optimisation of procurement with cost savings in cost management, collaboration with suppliers and business partners, and centralised contract management.

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Our collaboration with Grupo Mirgor & the resulting Benefits

Through the SAP ARIBA Strategic Sourcing Suite application, the organisation was provided with a comprehensive solution for:

  • Purchasing and tendering management: a collaborative platform with its suppliers and integrated with its current SAP ERP to carry out its request for quotation and tendering process. This application allows the company to control and monitor this process, integrate bidders into the process and carry out the evaluation of bids and selection of candidates.
  • Contract management: a comprehensive solution for the administration and control of contracts with third parties and suppliers.
  • Supplier management: this allows the centralised administration of supplier information from registration, qualification, data organisation and designation of frequent suppliers. The application generates a 360° view of suppliers and bidirectional synchronisation with the SAP ERP system.
  • Collaboration and control in the supplier process within your ERP.
  • Automation and digitisation of the contract lifecycle.
  • Operational efficiency in supply management.

Key Facts

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    4 months

About Grupo Mirgor


Grupo Mirgor was founded in 1983 as a vehicle air conditioning systems factory in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Today it is a vertically integrated industrial group that, through manufacturing, logistics and marketing processes, provides technology products and services with high levels of efficiency and quality.



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