S/4HANA Preparation - Migrating to SAP New GL

Friday, August 10th | 2:30 pm BST

A move to S/4HANA requires a move to SAP New General Ledger. With SAP's New GL orginisations gain new functional possibilities for better controlling and accelerating the processing of external and internal accounting in the global business.

A traditional move to New GL is dependant on the end of the financial year and thus provides no flexibility around the execution of the project. SNP empowers you to do things in a way that meet your needs:

  • Migrate at any point in time – The time of the actual migration is not dependent of the end of the financial year.
  • Update your complete SAP document history – Choose the complete migration of your historical documents.
  • Scope selection – Choose the individual range of SAP objects and the scope of the migration.
  • Flexibility and scalability – The migration can be combined with further changes in accounting.

In this webinar, SNP experts will show how you can convert to New GL at a time that suits you and how this project can be combined alongside your other transformation scenarios.

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