Aare Energie AG: carve-out in a single step thanks to SNP methodology

Aare Energie AG

The Challenge

During the carve-out project at Aare Energie AG, the master and transaction data had to be copied from the existing SAP system into a new SAP system, including all historical data for the business unit to be carved out. The data transformation also involved the migration of archive documents. The plan was to create the new SAP landscape by copying the existing production system. Deleting the copied data in the source system was not planned in the first step.

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Our collaboration with Aare Energie AG & the resulting Benefits

Only SNP was able to perform this carve-out in a single step at the table level. SAP standard methods could not have achieved it.

In the first step, we mapped the business unit affected by the carve-out as a new company code. We then created a system copy of the existing SAP system and imported the current data selectively in the course of a migration project. In addition, prior to the migration, we examined the future use of the upstream and downstream systems required for operation together with the responsible IT staff of Aare Energie. About 500,000 archive documents were also migrated as part of the data transformation.

  • Master and transaction data migrated in a single step
  • Rapid SNP methodology
  • Most of the project steps were performed remotely from the SNP location
  • SNP’s experience with carve-outs

Key Facts

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    Project Type


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    7 months

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    Transfer the required data selectively into an empty customizing copy of the existing system. Migrate about 500,000 archive documents.

Only SNP was able to perform this carve-out in a single step at the table level.

Nicolas Lüthard

Head of ERP/EDM Aare Energie AG

About Aare Energie AG

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Aare Energie AG is the regional electricity, gas and water supplier for the city and region of Olten (Switzerland). It is responsible for the operational management of Städtische Betriebe Olten, an electric utility company, and provides services for third parties. Aare Energie supplies its customers consistently, securely and around the clock. Around 80 employees ensure efficient offers and services at market-oriented prices. The qualitative focus is mainly on new technologies and renewable, environmentally friendly energy. For example, Aare Energie produces solar electricity with several of its own photovoltaic systems.