SNP Test Data Organizer

SNP Test Data Organizer

Selective Test Data Provisioning and Scrambling for SAP® Systems

Aim How does SNP Test Data Organizer work?

SNP Test Data Organizer can provide you with production-related test data quickly and easily.

The predefined content allows you to refresh development, test, sandbox and training clients in very little time. You can update clients either completely or selectively based on your individual preferences. The selective data transfer improves storage requirements by up to 80% and deployment times by up to 70%.

The integrated scrambling framework also enables you to scramble target system data in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations.

2 illustrated people shift circles around a line chart representing data, with symbols for cloud and analytics
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Highlights Highlights

  • Quickly refresh development, test, sandbox and training clients either selectively or completely
  • Extract application data from the production system while keeping data consistent
  • Update the data by time slice, organizational unit or business objects at an interval of your choice
  • Take advantage of high data reduction potential thanks to SNP content
  • Apply the integrated scrambling function for data on non-production systems
  • Utilize self-service options for the automated provision of test data

Key benefits

Data source

Reduce the data volume for non-productive systems – even in the cloud


Decrease your storage requirements by up to 80%

Data source

Reduce the time it takes to supply data to your updated test systems by up to 70%

Data source

Decrease previously necessary pre- and post-processing times by up to 85%

Data source

Guarantee compliance with data protection or GDPR regulations on your target systems