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SNP Outboard™ Housekeeping

Cleaning out old and unused data in SAP landscapes

data Remove no-value data

Did you know that up to 40% of your SAP data can be temporary and should be deleted? This is especially true with SAP BW systems, as six out of ten of the largest tables in ERP are full of technical data. This data does not only pollute SAP with no-value data, but it also slows down the performance of the system. Every SAP system generates data that loses value quickly after its creation. 

According to SAP best practices, logs, certain documents and staging data that are created should be deleted on a regular basis in order to optimize the performance of your system. These manual tasks can be time-consuming and SAP systems are often polluted with no-value data because they lack the resources to regularly delete such aged, temporary data. Automating such housekeeping tasks, especially in a complex SAP landscape containing ERP, BW, CRM, SRM and HANA, can greatly reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) for storage and ongoing maintenance along with improved system performance across the board.

SNP Outboard Housekeeping is an ABAP-based solution that centrally enables the automatic deletion of temporary SAP data across your entire landscape.

An illustrated woman looks at a figurative representation of Big Data with a magnifying glass

Cloud Central, transparent execution

Central control over all your SAP Housekeeping activities across your entire landscape. Declutter your systems of trash data from SAP BW, ERP, ISU, CRM and any other NetWeaverbased SAP system from one location.

Rest assured that you also have complete transparency into how much space can be saved. The analysis provided by SNP Outboard Housekeeping allows you to view the spacesaving potential according to specific settings.

checklist Don‘t get bogged down with tasks

Free yourself of tasks that are time-consuming and mundane by getting more than the standard SAP activities. With SNP Outboard Housekeeping tasks are structured in four main areas – Basis, Business Warehouse, ERP, and CRM and each topic contains additional engineered tasks plus the related standard SAP Housekeeping tasks. And of course, you can automate it all – just set up the tasks once with our scheduling assistant and let them run, while you tend to more important things.

Three illustrated people, two women and one man, arrange large puzzle pieces with large coins on the ground representing revenue, a clock representing project timelines
Three illustrated people, two women and one man, arrange large puzzle pieces with large coins on the ground representing revenue, a clock representing project timelines

Highlights Highlights

  • Automatic deletion of aged, no-value or trash SAP data
  • Set up once and schedule everywhere across the SAP landscape
  • Delete data safely with the RecycleBin feature
  • Includes 60+ housekeeping objects
  • Future-ready with HANA-specific housekeeping
  • Adjustable for custom tables and scheduling of custom report
Success Story

Outboard handled the customizations brilliantly, allowing us to make Z transactions archive-relevant. The seamless nature that the product has to retrieve old and new data, even with our customizations, is one of the main reasons we chose SNP.

Mathew Alves

Director of Enterprise Applications at United Farmers of Alberta

Key benefits


Saves time and effort:

Quick setup, easy maintenance and ongoing housekeeping
across the SAP landscape


Lowers TCO:

Shrinks the footprint of your entire SAP landscape to lower

Imrpoves performance

Improves performance:

Speeds up SAP system navigation, reporting and loading –
without trash data to slow things down

Always updated

Always updated:

Updates more than 60 housekeeping activities based on the
latest SAP Notes every three months

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