SAP Solution Manager

Shorten and Simplify SAP Solution Manager Projects

SNP shortens, simplifies, and optimizes SAP Solution Manager projects with best practices developed through more than 500 successful implementations, plus pre-programmed add-ons and IT processes.
CrystalBridge, our proprietary software, enables you to scan your existing SAP landscapes, simulating the impact of ongoing application lifecycle management so that you can take command of transformation projects. Our transformation software delivers the power to predict project outcomes in detail, ensuring that you land your SAP systems safely after every transformation event.
CrystalBridge provides the insight your organization needs to take command of your SAP landscape for optimized service desk management, business process optimization, test management, change request management, and overall application lifecycle management.

Enhancing SAP Solution Manager Functionality

Together with our team of SAP Solution Manager experts specializing in every area of business landscape management, SNP Solution Manager add-ons from SNP accelerate the configuration and optimization of your existing ALM and ITSM processes.
  • SNP Full-Text Search. Full-text search with or without SAP® TREX across all CRM transaction types, including attachments.
  • SNP Screenshot Add-ons. Automatically insert screenshots into support and testing messages.
  • SNP Third-party Tool Integrator. Simple integration of customized message types and features with SNP third-party IT system management tools.
  • SNP Email Add-ons. Flexible email notifications for all CRM transaction types as well as automated processing and distribution of incoming and outgoing emails.
  • SNP Change Request Add-ons. Easy handling of transports in complex system landscapes as well as support for release and template management.
  • SNP Application Lifecycle Management Add-ons. Complete integration of process documentation and testing management into change request management processes.

SNP White Paper:

S/4HANA Guide for IT Departments: Start Preparing Today with these 10 Steps and Solution Manager 7.2

S/4HANA migration is more than just an update. It introduces changes to technology, business processes, and user interfaces. Yet the process is still underestimated by many organizations. Did you know that IT should plan up to 15 months of preparation time? Or that SAP Solution Manager 7.2 will play a crucial role long before SAP S/4HANA goes live? Learn these and other key milestones for S/4HANA preparation in this exclusive guide. Download now and ensure that you are on the best path for SAP S/4HANA success.
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SNP Webinar:

SAP Solution Manager 7.2: A Foundation for S/4HANA

The latest version of SAP Solution Manager, release 7.2, is the ideal platform for S/4HANA implementation. SAP Solution Manager 7.2 includes brand new features for designing and documenting business processes, including required test cases and Change and Release Management processes to maintain S/4HANA. In this webinar, experts from our Business Landscape Management team answer the big questions companies are asking about S/4HANA:
  • When should I begin preparing for an S/4HANA project?
  • Can I use SAP Solution Manager 7.1 for my S/4HANA project?
  • When do I need to upgrade to SAP Solution Manager 7.2?
  • How can I use existing business process documentation and test cases for my S/4HANA project and what do I need to consider during the SAP Solution Manager upgrade?
  • How can I benefit from the new Process Management in an S/4HANA implementation?




SNP Success Story:

Esprit Optimizes Change Request Management (ChaRM)

The fashion industry requires rapid company decisions and corresponding transformation of IT landscapes. As a result, ESPRIT’s management team developed a goal to introduce a transparent change process for all workflows, system landscapes, and requirements. Download now to learn how SNP supported ESPIRIT in optimizing Change Request Management (ChaRM) via SAP Solution Manager.


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