Moving to HANA & Linux Systems with a Near-Zero Downtime Approach

Tuesday, August 28th | 2:00-2:45PM EST

Take advantage of this free webinar to learn more about (nearly) pain-free transitions to SAP HANA and HANA-based solutions. If your enterprise runs the SAP database tier on UNIX today, you’re likely considering SAP HANA on Linux as a next move. Maybe you already have the SAP HANA licenses and are ready to go.

A two-part presentation in about 45 minutes:

SUSE’s Mike Nelson will describe SUSE’s approach to Linux for SAP environments and give an overview of related open source infrastructure solutions from SUSE.

SNP’s Davide Bonacina, who, as a hands-on consultant, has been at the epicenter of SAP customer migration projects for several years. SNP has developed a “Bluefield” approach for fast, trouble-free migrations with Near Zero Downtime, which Davide will explain.


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