SAP Smart Predict

Smart Predict allows to develop the prediction model based on historical data step by step in order to phrase some conclusions referring to future events, values or trends and to automate decision making process, all of this available in one cloud solution.

Unlike the methods requiring the use of complicated algorithms and defining complex parameters, Smart Predict expedites significantly the process by giving users the opportunity to use the machine learning technology in order to quickly move from business problems to trustworthy predictions with no expertise in data science required.

Thanks to predictive analytics with easy to understand, transparent and trustworthy results, Smart Predict simplifies answering key business questions. At the same time it provides the capabilities of predictive analytics, planning and Business Intelligence combined in one simple solution.

During our webinar we will:

  • Discuss the functionalities and advantages of Smart Predict tool
  • Present live DEMO
  • Present the solution’s architecture
  • Present the possible ways to use the obtained resultstion roadmap

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