Divest with Confidence - Automated Carve-Outs from SAP

Thursday, September 19, 2019. 2:00pm AEST & 12:00pm SGT

The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region is becoming an attractive area of investment for an increasing number of firms worldwide, particularly in the M&A domain. More than 60% of Australian executives believe that the APAC region is the most attractive destination for foreign acquisitions. Nearly 50% of Australian executives expect an increase in domestic deal activity, which is informed in many cases by their own strategies. 70% of these executives are preparing parts of their businesses for divestiture, and 25% have plans to acquire overseas operations. *

These acquisitions trigger complex transformations of your SAP system landscape. Join this webinar and Explore how SNP, as the leading Digital Data Transformation provider with an automated Software approach can:

- Reduce the complexity of your SAP carve-out project through selective migration

- Ensure significant benefits in terms of risk, time, cost and business interruption

*source Deloitte M&A report