Active Data Management: Is your data fueling your business or weighing it down?

August 11, 2022 at 10:00AM

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Klaus Zimmer, Solution Architect, SNP Group

Data has become a key strategic resource for companies these days. But how do you deal with increasing volumes of data generated by digitization, coupled with the growing number of transactions being processed and managed? How do you classify data into “fuel” – which drives your business – and “ballast” – which you need to retain for internal and external audit requirements? 
When preparing a system transformation such as one to S/4HANA in the context of a selective S/4HANA move, these are the questions you are confronted with. 
Join our webinar to learn how an effective strategy for sound SAP data management supports you in classifying your data.  Accurate data management helps you “Keep your data – not the cost”. 


•    How to tackle the data tsunami in SAP systems
•    Classify your data – how to distinguish between “fuel” and “excess weight”
•    Reduce your data footprint: housekeeping & data archiving 
•    System transformation: How to retain data efficiently
•    Compliance: storage & data retention
•    Q &A

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