SAP Analytics Cloud AppDesign (SAC Analytic Application).

Create your own interactive analytical applications in the SAP cloud.

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is a flexible analytical solution available as a cloud service (SaaS – software as a service), applicable in any organization that is interested in using a fast platform for reporting data from various sources.

The webinar will guide you through SAC Application Designer (otherwise known as SAC App Designer, SAC Analytic Application) – new SAC component that allows you to create fully customizable, interactive analytic applications.

Tool is dedicated for super users but developed applications can be consumed by many end users – ranging from operational employees to the top management . With minimum effort application designer is able to create advanced analytic applications with scripting and event handling possibilities. Wide range of visualization options allows developer to change meaningless data into useful information and availability of R scripting makes it perfect for data analysts or data miners.

During our webinar we will:

  • Discuss product business value
  • Present examples of Analytic Applications
  • Present live DEMO
  • Discuss Analytic Application roadmap

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