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CrystalBridge is a new product in SNP’s software portfolio. It offers a graphical and interactive visualization of entire SAP systems with the goal of supporting and accelerating business transformations. CrystalBridge enables customers to visualize a project even prior to the implementation of a company transformation and to simulate it with the highest level of reliability. This software provides customers with intelligent recommendations as well as a more in-depth understanding of the effects of a

business transformation project on their ERP landscape. With this software, entire IT landscapes can be visualized and controlled by means of a modern user interface. CrystalBridge enables optimal planning, simulation and execution of even the most complex business transformations. The benefit for customers is a customer-specific but nonetheless automated and highly transparent solution for the full range of IT data transformations.

Near Zero

Closing the Gap between Business and IT Strategy

There’s a gap between business and technology. The business makes decisions about its vision, productivity, survivability, and competitive stance. And those decisions impact the technology that automates business processes. But changes to applications, data, and infrastructure quickly develop into massive projects demanding enormous amounts of time and introducing potentially grave risks. This creates a gap between what the business decides, and what the company can execute.

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