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SAP test data: driver of innovation for an agile future

Rapid release cycles, DevOps and S/4HANA migrations – when it comes to digital transformation, companies increasingly rely on innovation and dynamic IT processes. An agile corporate culture places complex demands on both the SAP IT organization and data quality. Test data and test systems must be 'up to date', flexible and secure at all times. Are you prepared for these developments?

Fast, easy, secure – SNP Test Data Organizer

SNP bundles the experience of over 20 years of test data creation in an agile software: SNP Test Data Organizer creates efficient SAP test systems tailored to individual customer requirements.

This allows you to generate optimal test scenarios independently in no time at all, for example in SAP ERP, S/4HANA or the cloud. The software is easy to use and allows you to transfer the relevant data quickly and securely.

Our promise: increased data quality, higher testing frequency, reduced costs


Cost savings


Up to 80% less storage and management costs

Higher test frequency


Up to 75% less time required thanks to data selection and automation

Data quality


Intelligent data selection optimizes data quality in test scenarios

Data protection


Personal data and trade secrets: flexible protection of sensitive data

7 good reasons for SAP test systems with SNP Test Data Organizer



Central configuration cockpit for an optimal overview​


Numerous options for designing individual test scenarios


Responsible processing of data that needs to be protected​


Simple solutions for complex corporate IT landscapes


Continuous development for over 15 years


User interface that is easy to understand


Practical templates facilitate industry-specific adjustments​

“As simple as possible, as complex as necessary” – ​How SNP Test Data Organizer works


“Create – Configure – Run – Repeat”: SNP Test Data Organizer gives your testing strategy a clear structure – easy to use and without ABAP.

In just a few clicks, SNP  Test Data Organizer replicates your system landscape in a test system.

Simply follow the predefined process:

  • Reduce the data volume
  • Protect sensitive data
  • Select from over 60 test scenarios or 1,000 individual components

Thanks to the synchronous transfer to multiple test systems and the data reduction, test systems are populated up to 75% faster.

From now on, spend less time on organization and more time on what is actually important: regularly updating your test data.      


Briefly explained - the central functions of SNP Test Data Organizer




Integration of the software and employee training in five days






As much as necessary, as little as possible - Effective reduction of test data by time slice and data selection



Data protection

Flexible, secure, easy to use - Optimal protection for sensitive data and company secrets



Self service

Who is allowed to use which data? Control access to sensitive test data individually



Data protection as a top priority -

How we guarantee your data security  


Data protection requirements for SAP test systems have increased sharply in recent years. Companies must protect sensitive data as effectively as possible, even in test systems:


  • Personal data (according to the GDPR)
  • Trade secrets and intellectual property (recipes and price lists)

With SNP Test Data Organizer, you can configure essential data protection settings at the push of a button and thus protect your data in the best possible way according to individual requirements:


A large number of templates simplifies the configuration of your test systems in line with data protection requirements, allowing you to encrypt test data including its logical dependencies. For example, if you change an IBAN, the account number within the IBAN is automatically adjusted accordingly. Simply predefined or individually adaptable!

Using the self-service function, you can control access rights to sensitive data: For example, an HR employee can access data that is encrypted for the IT team. Customizable at any time in just a few clicks!

SNP Test Data Organizer encrypts your data where necessary: during the data transfer or in the existing test system. Benefit from maximum flexibility!


THE Best Solution Option for Refreshing Data in SAP S/4HANA®

THE Best Solution Option for Refreshing Data in SAP S/4HANA®

Enterprises with SAP ERP systems are subject to increasingly rapid change..

Flexible solutions for your industry


Benefit from over 20 years of experience and more than 12,500 satisfied customers. Learn more in our selected success stories:

FAQ – Your questions, our answers

The mapping of complex IT group landscapes is one of the special features of SNP Test Data Organizer. The software allows you to realistically map individual features of your system landscape without much manual effort. This is supported by a large number of templates that are optimized for many industry requirements.

Using a time slice, the data is restricted to a certain time period in SNP Test Data Organizer. For example, you can specify that data from the past three or four fiscal years is sufficient for your test case. In addition, you can also define organizational units that are relevant for your specific test case. This data selection significantly reduces the data volume to be transferred during the refresh. This frees up storage space and saves time that you can in turn use to increase the frequency of the data refresh, therefore improving the data quality.

SNP Test Data Organizer offers different approaches for transferring encrypted data to test systems. You can use an entry form to determine which data you want to encrypt and how. We also offer easy-to-use templates for numerous scenarios, for example to mask bank data, addresses, price lists or recipes.

SNP Test Data Organizer offers numerous options for data transfer. For example, if you need data for a specific requirement, such as a sales process, you no longer have to create a complete copy of your entire system landscape, but can flexibly transfer separate data to separate test systems. For this purpose, we offer numerous templates that allow you to process requests quickly. In addition, you can create your own test case based on over 1,000 individual components.

The self-service feature included as standard in SNP Test Data Organizer allows you to define data protection rules within individual test cases. Using a simple entry form, the system administrator determines who is allowed to see which data and in which form. For example, if you test a process that involves sensitive employee data, you can specify that authorized persons from the HR department can view unencrypted data, while their colleagues from Controlling only see encrypted data.

“With SNP Test Data Organizer, we have finally succeeded in aligning our global SAP system landscape with industry-specific data protection requirements. Synchronous migration of over 20 systems is now possible in a short time frame.”

Customer (German pharmaceutical group)

Why do we need professional SAP test data?


Process optimization, risk minimization, agile corporate structures – in our Mr. Bluefield blog, we explain why modern test data management is essential for your business.


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