SNP Partner Day Registration - March 10th, 2021 - 11:00 AM - 2:45 PM SGT


SNP will take the virtual stage to discuss the essential role of partners in our ecosystem, and how our partners can make the most of every opportunity to grow their business with SNP Software.

Our partners will learn about our plans to scale better, together. We'll be sharing both our long-term strategy and the technical updates happening this year. Our partners get insights into the SNP software roadmap and join sessions to learn how we enable our partners to market, sell and use.

Strong alone, unbeatable together!

Speaker: Michael Eberhardt, CEO SNP

Update about the essential role of partners in our ecosystem, and how our partners can make the most of every opportunity to grow their business with SNP Software.

Data is the Essence

Speaker: Lutz Lambrecht, VP and Head of Partner Management

Lutz Lambrecht will talk about the importance of data in any type of transformation project and how SNP thrives to enable their partners to win, deliver and innovate better using the Crystal Bridge Transformation Platform. In addition he will share important news around the new partner pricelist, a new, partner centric enablement team as well as an enterprise sales initiative.

Strategic Roadmap – Future Steps with CrystalBridge

Speaker: Steele Arbeeny, CTO SNP and Dominik Wittenbeck, VP of Product Development

Steele Arbeeny and Dominik Wittenbeck will present to you the strategic roadmap for SNP’s cloud and transformation lines of business. This will provide insights about how both areas will progress and extend as well as how they connect. They will present how SNP plans to provide the best experience for moving your SAP business into the cloud, leveraging the capabilities it promises.

CrystalBridge® as Strategic Platform for Data Transformation Journeys

Speaker: Tarik Husain, Director for Strategic Sales SEA&ANZ

Why are customers relying on CrystalBridge®  – The Data Transformation Platform as fundamental basis for a factory approach?
What are the key drivers that lead to a strategic decision to build a longterm and scalable infrastructure for various transformation challenges? Join Tarik to learn more about how SNP can help you to create a unique value proposition for your clients.

Partner Enablement - How SNP empowers you as a Partner

Speaker: Jörg Kaschytza, Vice President of Global Solutioning and Enablement

Jörg Kaschytza will share how SNP’s newly established Partner Enablement organization enforces our partnerships worldwide to sell and deploy SNP products and solutions for all transformation scenarios. Further he gives detailed insights and a guided enablement journey from partner training, co-solutioning to delivery of joint projects together with our partners.

Use SNP’s Value Approach to Sell to Your Customers

Speaker: Dr. Oswin Hartung, Managing Director SNP JAPAC

While every market player is only talking about tools to run an SAP S/4HANA transformation project, you will be able to take advantage of software that provides added value for you and your customers. Gain insights into why SNP software and the value approach are important to win projects.

Energizing our Partnerships with joint Marketing

Speaker: Dennis Krieger, Head of Corporate Marketing SNP

In this session, you will learn how SNP is collaborating with its partners to energize partnerships. We will provide insights into the variety of marketing activities such as events, campaigns and exciting sport sponsorships around our partnerships.