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SNP offers three different competences so that the cooperation between partner and SNP in SAP transformation projects runs as smoothly as possible. Each competence consists of 3 pillars: SNP Software, Training & Services, Marketing


Analysis Competence

This expertise enables our partners to achieve optimal preparation and planning for complex SAP transformation projects in the analysis and design phase by using the SNP system scan and SNP interface scanner.

Transformation Competence

SNP Transformation Backbone is the heart of every SAP transformation. SNP partners, with this expertise, are able to perform SAP transformations entirely based on the SNP Transformation Backbone. Certifications and regular update training for our partners ensure optimal use.

Application Competence

Application Competence Partners help you to implement and train the SNP software solutions SNP Data Provisioning & Masking, SNP Interface Scanner and SNP Dragoman. This expertise enables SNP partners to optimally support their customers even beyond a transformation project.

SAP Partnerships

SNP has excellent references, reputation, and experience with SAP solutions, especially in the transformation of SAP systems and ERP landscapes.
SNP's recognition as an SAP PartnerEdge Services partner, confirms that SNP offers strategic business consulting to its customers through the comprehensive design, development, implementation, and integration of SAP solutions.

SAP Certified

SNP has excellent references, reputation, and experience with SAP solutions, especially in the transformation of SAP systems and ERP landscapes.


  • SAP PartnerEdge Service Agreement and Service Authoration
  • SAP Database and Technolgy Service Authorization
  • SAP HANA Service Authorization
  • SAP Certified in Run SAP Impelementation
  • SAP OEM Partner

SAP OEM Partner

As an SAP OEM partner, we can embed SAP solutions and platforms directly into our partners’ applications. This gives our customers the best of both worlds: unparalleled SAP functionality supported by partner software and deep industry knowledge and expertise. We have signed an OEM agreement with SAP for SAP Landscape Transformation (SAP LT) and SAP Replication Server. If we deliver SAP LT to customers, we are therefore required to bundle SAP LT with SNP Transformation Backbone.
We market this bundle as “SNP Transformation Backbone with SAP LT” and are the only SAP OEM partner for SAP LT worldwide.


For the fifth time, SNP invites IT experts to Transformation World for the Heidelberg Print Media Academy. Learn all about the latest transformation technologies and discuss current explosive SAP topics with experts. Within just a few years, Transformation World has become one of the most important platforms for the SAP community. In two days of exciting lectures and workshops, you will learn all about groundbreaking products and services that will guide you through the most complex transformation projects - fast and secure.