SAP New General Ledger

Are You Implementing SAP New GL?

The SAP New General Ledger introduces options to better manage and rapidly process external and internal accounting on a global scale. SNP transformation software automates the analysis, planning, and migration from the classic general ledger to the New General Ledger (New GL) for a trouble-free transition.

SNP software, combined with services to precisely coordinate the approach between IT and finance departments, allows you to introduce the New General Ledger without disrupting the preparation of monthly or annual financial statements. If desired, your entire data history can be transitioned to the new ledger. Whether introduced during the year, retroactively, or in combination, our software-based approach with certified templates guarantees the SAP system’s successful transition.

SNP White Paper:
New General Ledger in a Snap

In this white paper, we walk you through the five steps of an SAP New General Ledger migration, including planning, analysis, and technical transformation: Discover your options for activating the document split and switching from an account solution to a ledger solution. Download now and learn how a templated, standardized approach to these steps can guarantee a successful transformation.
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