In Memoriam of Dr. Andreas Schneider-Neureither

Founder and CEO (†)


Andreas Schneider-Neureither founded SNP Schneider-Neureither & Partner GmbH in 1994 while still working on his dissertation. His foresight, drive and visionary ideas at that time were groundbreaking and represented the start of something great. Even today, years after he suddenly passed away in November 2020, his dedication still drives us to always find the best solution. A brilliant and restless thinker, although he was always on the go, he never lost sight of the people around him and found pleasure in the small details.

Alongside his work and his family, community engagement was very important to him – whether social, in the arts or in sports. Today he is still remembered as a major donor and supporter, especially in Heidelberg and the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region.

To express our gratitude and great appreciation, we will honor Andreas’ memory and continue what he started.