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Pricing for Profit: Easy Price Management in SAP

SNP Pricing for Profit is an SNP solution that makes it easier to plan, administer, and control price conditions, enabling you to make faster, more accurate pricing decisions. You will gain an exact overview of all information and pricing conditions in a readable and user-friendly report. The tool allows you to develop pricing changes, have them reviewed and accepted by authorized persons, and then have them implemented.

This is a valuable tool for any company, especially those with dynamic pricing policies requiring speed, accuracy, and adaptability in evaluating and modifying pricing schemes.

Some advantages of SNP Pricing for Profit:

  • The solution uses an exclusive SNP algorithm
  • Verified by performance tests
  • Cooperates with SAP WorkFlow    
  • Flexible and customizable solution design

During this webinar, we will demonstrate SNP Pricing for Profit with real examples of price changes and their impacts on transaction prices.