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Clear Cut! Carve-out or Shutdown of Business Units in SAP

When companies sell off business units, they are now more likely to separate the data for the divested units from their production SAP landscape. Many sales agreements require the data for the transferring business unit to be handed over in an SAP system. A more reliable alternative is a specialized, tried-and-tested tool like SNP Transformation Backbone, which transfers all specified data to the divested unit‘s system.

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Webinar: Carve-Out of Business Units in SAP

When enterprises divest their corporate business units, sales agreements likely require the transferring business-unit’s data to be delivered in an SAP system. This process is often performed manually, which is not only very time consuming, but also prone to error. Learn how automated software makes an enormous difference for IT and business owners when carving out corporate entities.

SNP Interface Scanner - the product every SAP client needs to conside

  • Is your company planning a change to your SAP landscape?
  • Are you concerned about SAP licence compliance and 3rd party access?
  • Is your IT landscape protected against internal and external security threats?
  • What is the impact on data protection of third-party access to your SAP systems?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, the SNP Interface Scanner will be of interest and great value to your organisation.

What we do

SNP helps clients to define and drive clear business advantage through SAP data transformation and enterprise data management. We deliver both IT and business-led SAP transformation such as carve-outs, data migration, M&A integration, system consolidation, upgrades and re-organization.

How we do it

We deliver SAP transformation projects for clients using our best practice methodology, deep understanding of the SAP data model and propriety transformation software SNP Transformation Backbone, helping to shape and drive their longer term enterprise data management and business data strategy.

Why choose us

With our software-led approach and the SNP track record of over 7000 successful projects, we are able to deliver SAP transformation projects in less time, for less cost and with less risk. SNP is the world’s leading SAP transformation business working with clients to deliver change in IT and drive enduring data quality through their organizations.