IT Service Management

With SAP Solution Manager you get the perfect tool set to track the entire lifecycle of application changes – from documenting the request to transporting new or modified functionality into the production system. Its change request management (ChaRM) process is aligned with IT-Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices and ensures the thorough and audit-proof documentation of all functional changes that affect the system landscape.

SAP Solution Manager had been used at Fritz Egger as an IT Service Management (ITSM) tool for SAP and Non-SAP systems and applications since 2005. Egger wanted to design and deploy consistent processes for all users, regardless of whether they used SAP. Learn more about the challenges and solution of the deployment and optimization of service and support pocesses with SAP Solution Manager 7.1.

IT Service Management with SAP Solution Manager

Change Request Management

By virtue of tailor-made change management processes, all changes to both SAP and Non-SAP system landscapes can be centrally administered and documented in SAP Solution Manager throughout the entire lifecycle. We’ll help you develop and implement customized change management processes – even for complex, distributed, or multilevel system landscapes and large support organizations. We’ll show you how you can use the retrofit process and download protection functionality within SAP Solution Manager to ensure the consistency of changes made to different system landscapes, enabling you to reap the rewards of flexible and transparent Release Management processes.

The goal was to introduce a transparent change process for all workflows, system landscapes, and requirements. In addition, the team wanted to improve the required evaluation and prioritization of change requests through expanded classification and assessment options. The project’s main challenge was that ESPRIT uses a five-stage SAP template landscape. This consists of a development, testing, and operational system, as well as, additional upstream development and testing systems for projects.

Learn more about optimizing change request management (ChaRM) in the SAP Solution Manager.

Change Request Management with SAP Solution Manager

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Test Automation with SAP Solution Manager

IT Service Management for SAP

New compliance requirements, known as Financial Accounting risk Governance, which resulted from Italian case law, needed to be implemented for the Generali Group’s entire SAP application environment. The goal was to minimize change-related risks, whether brought about through projects or daily operations, as much as possible beforehand. As such, the company wanted Change Request Management (charM) in the SAP Solution Manager to become a standardized tool for managing change within the SAP system environment.

Change Request Management with SAP Solution Manager