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The four types are merge, split, upgrade and harmonization. For a successful project, these four standard transformation scenarios have to affect both, business and technological processes. Any IT transformation can be realized through a combination of these four basic scenarios.

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SNP’s session about methodology and customer case for AWS cloud migrations in Las Vegas, November 2016.


is the only software-based solution that addresses both business and IT-driven transformations – thus facilitating better communication and interaction between technical and business teams during these critical projects. SNP’s standardized, software-guided approach to business landscape transformation is the solution to these problems. Our approach is able to significantly reduce project cost and complexity and thereby provide a viable alternative to the unfortunately common approach of making minor improvements while ignoring the root cause of the inefficiencies.

Why is transformation readiness a critical success factor for business and IT? Over time, ERP landscapes have grown to become unmanageable thus changing the nature of ERP projects from implementations to landscape transformations. From a business point of view, transformation projects are among the most critical, complex and expensive projects that impact your organization and your process design.

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Global Rollouts & Implementations

"Going International" strategies and projects are one of the most challenging and resource consuming tasks on the development path of enterprises. For more than 20 years we have supported clients on their individual path to internationalization. Our team brings in best practices, process know-how and exceptional SAP competence.

Global Rollout Conception and Implementation

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