Scan. Analyze. Transform.

The SNP System Scan can be used prior to transformation projects to determine the complexity of the project. An essential question is how much the transformation rule set has to be expanded to transform all relevant tables and data objects.

The determined data derived from the following areas

Technical Analyses:

  • Basic information: Determination of technical basic information, SAP Release, operating system, database system, SAP Kernel
  • Add-ons and extension-sets: Determination of installed add-ons, extension sets and SAP HANA delivery units
  • Profile parameter: Determining of the current SAP instance profile parameter SAP tables: Exact fill level analysis of tables from SAP name spaces
  • Customer tables: Exact fill level analysis of all tables in customer name spaces

More Scope of Function in our Factsheet

Upon consultation with your SNP Consultant you will receive an email that contains a transport. Import this transport to your SAP ERP system. Start the SNP System Scan via the interface in SAP GUI and monitor it during the run time.

After completing the analysis, you download the data via this interface. Only edit settings of special analyses. The analysis takes several hours and will be planned as batch job. During the scan you can access your system only in reading. There won't be changes to the analyzed system. The scan has no individual data storage and saves the result in the directory of the application server. It is also possible to save the analysis result in the SAP spool.

SNP System Scan does not deliberately collect personal data or detailed business information. Given your organizational structures are based on individuals (e.g. sales or purchase organizations) personal data like names can be contained in the analysis result. The collection of this data can be disabled by starting the analysis with a specific parameter set.

SNP System Scan

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  • Import Transport
  • Run SNP System Scan
  • Analyze
  • Transform
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7 steps to more transparency – a guide for a better understanding of your system

1. Register By registering you are one step closer to better analyzing and improving your system
2. Download transports Download the latest SNP System Scan software. The latest version ensures that your system benefits from updates of the SNP System Scan
3. Installation Unpack the downloaded SNP System Scan. Then import the transport to the respective clients of systems you want to scan
4. Execution Once the transport has been imported to your SAP system, sign in to your client for which you want to execute a scan
5. Download results Download scanned data from your SAP systems. Once the SNP System Scan is finished, you can download the result
6. Upload results The preparation of the results is executed in our SNP System Scan Portal
7. Evaluation After we have received and evaluated your results, we provide you with the result presentation