Reduced efforts and costs

SNP Automated Testing supports you in reducing the time expensive specialists need to execute test manually, ensuring stability of frequently used core functionalities, increasing the level of quality of the software and projects.

Scope of Function

Check SAP application data against customizing for changes to master and transaction data, to customizing settings and to both at the same time. Further funcionalities are Test on SAP application level by using standardized SAP BAPI function modules

Best Practices

SNP Test Content is part of SNP Automated Testing and can be used right from the start. It contains test objects that cut across ERP modules e.g. test objects for SAP modules MM/SD or FI/CO to test master and transaction data.

Complete Data Security

As a global company, Evonik must adhere to a variety of legal provisions and guidelines in numerous different countries governing the protection of sensitive data. Evonik processes sensitive data and data critical to the company (true productive data) in its 36 SAP systems, such as ERP, CRM, and SCM, with around 8,000 active users.

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SNP Automated Testing is designed to check SAP application data and customizing settings for consistency.

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