Automatically attaches screenshots to incidents, change documents & test case descriptions.

Full-Text Search

Quick and easy full-text search covering all text in a notification – no need for SAP TREX.


Flexible add-on that lets you configure email notifications without SAP expert knwoledge.

Mail Inbound

Control of incident and change processes via emails. Easy, fast and without expertise in SAP Solution Manager.

For many companies, the features available in SAP Solution Manager are not sufficient or the SAP solution is too complicated and unwieldy. That’s why SNP has harnessed its best practices and many years of project experience to develop useful add-ons for SAP Solution Manager. These functional add-ons optimize your IT processes by simplifying the way you use SAP Solution Manager and making the application itself more user-friendly.

SAP Solution Manager is used to oversee the implementation, monitoring, and further development of companies’ entire system landscapes, a process which is known as application lifecycle management. In over 550 successfully completed BLM projects, the specialists from SNP have developed a variety of best practices, methods, and add-ons to optimize SAP Solution Manager. 

Download the Whitepaper here

These standardized SNP add-ons for SAP Solution Manager can be seamlessly integrated into your SAP environment and are ready to use right away. The Added value for users are the proven functionality that has already been adopted by more than 70 customers across the globe, the standardization for speedy implementation Delivered by transfer order (includes documentation), the seamless integration into existing IT processes and functions plus the increased user-friendliness that translates into increased user acceptance.