Success Story: SAP Cloud Migration to AWS in Near-Zero Downtime

Kellogg leadership chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host its global SAP landscape. To overcome their migration challenges, Kellogg’s engaged SNP to assist with its SAP upgrade and migration.

Learn how Kellogg Company was able to go live on AWS in under four hours of downtime and more in this SNP Success Story.

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Minimize Business Disruption During Your Cloud Migration

SAP enables a variety of mission-critical business processes—including finance, human capital management, asset management, sales and procurement. SNP enables SAP cloud data migrations with Near-Zero Downtime, minimizing disruption across these business-critical processes vs. traditional migration methods that require extended periods of system downtime.

SNP Transformation Backbone replaces complex, time consuming standard transformation processes with one tool and fewer steps. It replaces traditional migration methods, executing previously sequential steps in parallel. This means that tasks, like system configuration, are completed before the cutover downtime begins, thus reducing the total downtime needed.


Watch: Dr. Steele Arbeeny on SNP’s methodology and customer success story for AWS cloud migrations in Las Vegas, November 2016.



SAP Modernization:
Automated. Efficient. Accurate.

Interrupting normal operations for an IT migration presents significant challenges. Many SAP applications and databases are mission critical and demand round-the-clock availability, but traditional upgrades and migrations often require prolonged downtime. Even an extra hour or two of downtime may dramatically reduce an organization’s productivity.


Due to the complex and mission-critical nature of SAP installations, enterprises looking to migrate SAP to the cloud should seek a provider able to deliver …

“Doing any form of migration is not just a lift and move, and the challenges can be more significant depending on the current state of your SAP environment.”