Together We Rise

We have been supporting sports clubs in the Rhine-Neckar Region for many years now and are committed to promoting young talent and innovative approaches.

SNP Sports Sponsorships



The commercial success of the past 25 years has brought with it social responsibility that we take very seriously. That is why we support organizations and projects in the areas of art, culture, sustainability, charitable causes and sports. The promotion of sports in the Rhine-Neckar Region played a particularly important role for us right from the start.




SNP Sports Sponsorships

Our company is headquartered in Heidelberg and deeply rooted in the region, as it was here that we laid the foundation for our success as a globally operating software company. Accordingly, social commitment in the region is very close to our hearts – especially the promotion of sports clubs. We pay particular attention to supporting innovative approaches and active youth work.
  • TSG Hoffenheim-1
    Shirt sleeve sponsor of TSG Hoffenheim

    We have been featured on the shirt sleeves of TSG Hoffenheim for some time now. The Bundesliga club pushed ahead with digitalization at an early stage, making a name for itself as a pioneer of applied technology in professional football. In TSG Hoffenheim, we have found the perfect partner – one that is just as innovative and future-oriented as we are and at the same time takes its own social responsibility very seriously: We are united by our many years of social commitment in the Rhine-Neckar Region.

  • Bascats_2
    Main sponsor of SNP BasCats USC Heidelberg

    We entered into a partnership with a second USC Heidelberg team in 2019, becoming both the main sponsor and name sponsor of the women’s basketball team the SNP BasCats. Built upon the pillars of determination, resilience and a unique team spirit, the team was promoted to the first Bundesliga shortly after signing the partnership with us – a spectacular success.

  • Waldhof
    Co-sponsor of SV Waldhof

    SV Waldhof Mannheim is a club steeped in tradition, known both for its cult following of passionate fans and its particularly active talent development program. We have supported the Mannheim-based club for many years as a co-sponsor.

  • Logo_MLP-Academics
    Platinum sponsor of the MLP Academics USC Heidelberg

    Our partnership with the MLP Academics USC Heidelberg has awakened our passion for basketball – a sport that requires a high degree of skill, dynamism and team spirit. The MLP Academics exemplify these disciplines at the highest level and therefore fit perfectly into our corporate culture. Furthermore, USC Heidelberg is a club with a long history in the region and at the same time a prime example of active youth development.

  • SNP Logo_Bluefield-1
    SNP dome

    The new sports venue in Heidelberg, which will start operating this year, has been named the SNP dome. We signed an agreement in mid-January on the naming and partnership rights of the sports venue with a term of ten years. It can accommodate around 5,000 spectators and is set to become an important location in the Heidelberg area for both sports and cultural events. The SNP dome will serve as a training and competition venue for many sports clubs in Heidelberg and the surrounding area. For example, the basketball team MLP Academics Heidelberg will use it as their home venue and the handball team Rhein-Neckar Löwen as their second venue. School sports events will also be held in the venue. By becoming the venue’s namesake and partner, we have further expanded our diverse cultural and sporting commitment.

  • SNP_Golf (002)
    Partnership with golf pro Bryson DeChambeau

    We entered into a partnership with the US golf pro Bryson DeChambeau in January 2020. The five-time PGA Tour winner acts as our brand ambassador and wears our swift logo on the left sleeve of his golf jersey. DeChambeau’s tremendous dedication, impressive track record, and analytical and innovative approach to golf were crucial factors for securing the sponsorship.