Acquisitions, mergers, restructurings, and divestitures are the "new normal" for the enterprise. When entire organizations must be transformed under tight deadlines, how do you assure your success?

The Growing Gap Between Business and IT.

Mergers, divestitures, acquisitions, restructurings: the litter of ailed or massively delayed transformation projects makes it abundantly clear that success hinges upon the early inclusion of IT.

The business makes strategic decisions, driven by the need for survival and competitive posture. And IT must execute without fail.

But saddled with a heterogeneous technology landscape that is often outdated and riddled with time-wasting customizations, tougher regulatory compliance requirements, and security measures that leave no margin for error, IT all-too quickly becomes the focal point of project success (or failure).

The SNP transformation platform automates critical transformation tasks, placing a manageable, accurate, and comprehensive view of technology landscapes under the microscope.

Complete a transformation in months instead of years. Incorporate best practice business processes into each project, combining master data with historical data for efficiency and transparency. And fold multiple steps into a single go-live.

Automate transformations for speed, accuracy, and reliable results. Discover more about the SNP transformation platform, featuring CrystalBridge.

SNP White Paper:

Carving Out Business Units in SAP

When companies sell off business units, they must separate the data for the divested units from their production SAP landscape. And many sales agreements require the data for the transferring business unit to be handed over in an SAP system. SNP has performed some of the most complex and massive carve outs in history. Interested? Learn more.


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