Scan, profile, and compare the structure, data, and connections throughout your entire software landscape with CrystalBridge

Predictive Business Analysis

Scan, profile, and compare structure, data and connections throughout your entire software landscape with predictive business analysis. Plan transformations and gain important insight into the use of your company software by creating a visual profile.

With CrystalBridge, create a roadmap and use interactive planning to identify and document changes in graphics form. Automate transformations for speed, accuracy, and reliable results. Discover more about the SNP transformation platform, featuring CrystalBridge.

SNP White Paper:

Software-based Identification of All Interfaces in SAP System Landscapes

Interfaces are critical to business processes, ensuring the exchange of information within your system landscape and with external communication partners. A complete and up-to-date interface record is an indispensable basis for planning, interface monitoring and the implementation of landscape changes. These include engineering or business transformation projects. Learn more about the importance of knowing your interface environment in our whitepaper.


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