Automate Business Process Analysis and Documentation of Your SAP Systems

Push Button Visualization for Process Mining

Ready to visualize, document, and compare business processes in SAP ERP, CRM, or SAP Solution Manager with the push of a button? CrystalBridge, our proprietary transformation software, automatically creates your business process documentation based on your current system landscape — so you can analyze processes and use the data to optimize performance and harmonize pre-consolidation. 
Leveraging the knowledge of over 7,000 transformation projects, CrystalBridge uses master and transactional data to collect SAP data across systems and generate a business process diagram and documentation. It identifies harmonization and consolidation requirements across systems. Plus, our pre-defined filtered summary enables easy drill-down views into your business process data for easy analysis.

Blueprinting Your SAP Systems

The Business Blueprint is the foundation for comprehensive functions of SAP Solution Manager, such as ITIL, ChaRM, Release Management, and  Test and Custom Code Management. CrystalBridge easily and efficiently creates your initial Business Blueprint and enables continuous monitoring and updates.
CrystalBridge builds your Blueprint based on your current processes, including customization, preventing the traditional need to validate your SAP system against a pre-defined and potentially outdated model. Business process mining reconstructs your as-is processes without forcing them into a predefined process model.
Our business landscape management consultants then leverage your Business Blueprint in custom development, testing, training for new releases, upgrades, migrations, and other transformation scenarios.


SNP White Paper:

Business Process Visualization Using Application Data

Download this white paper now to learn how automated software that translates your system data into business process diagrams and documentation can help you reduce your transformation project timeline and harmonize your SAP landscape.
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SNP Webinar:

Business Process Mining: Optimize and Improve Your SAP® Business Processes

SNP's automated transformation software supports you in extracting, visualizing, and analyzing your SAP business processes. Take a free tour through how our automated process mining. In this webinar, our SNP process mining experts will help you to discover how easy it is to run process mining out-of-the-box. Our consultants will offer practical examples of how SNP automated software can provide transparency into your business processes.

CrystalBridge: Your Transformation Command Center