Integrating SAP Data with Snowflake Data Cloud

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Decrease Time and Increase Value

With Your SAP Data


June 26-29, 2023 | CAESARS FORUM, LAS VEGAS

For most companies, building a data platform is not a nice to have but a necessity. Organizations distinguish themselves based on the data-driven innovations that they can design and implement. However, data – especially SAP data – is still being generated and stored in silos, creating a huge value and accessibility gap between the data and the ability to use it for analytics and innovation.

SNP Glue helps to bridge this value and accessibility gap by smoothly providing the data in near real-time, and in a format that is ready for analytics.

Our SAP Data Management Solutions include:

  • Near Real-Time SAP Data Integration
  • SAP Data Archiving
  • SAP BW Data Tiering 
  • SAP System Decommissioning

SNP’s delivery, solutions, and sales professionals are motivated by client success - and we will have many success stories to share with you in Vegas.


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Visit the SNP booth #2121-D, located at the Basecamp East side near the MARKETPLACE.

Key Benefits - SNP Glue

Data source

Eradicates SAP data silos and send data to any target including all major cloud providers with specialized native integration to Snowflake

Data source

Provides change data capture and automatic, trigger-based delta extraction


Provides push-based extraction for maximum control over SAP data


Supports batch loads, delta queueing, and streaming data scenarios - all in the same tool.


Requires no additional hardware – connect SAP to the target storage with no intermediary step


Application and SAP business object event-based integration

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See it in action

Our experts can demonstrate how we connect your SAP systems to your cloud platforms, and get the data flowing both ways in real time. Get ready to democratize your data and empower teams across your organization with self-service business intelligence, custom app frameworks and more. 

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