The Roadmap to S/4HANA: Plan, Prep, and Execution

In this Two-Part Data Dialog Webinar series, we will address the in-depth analysis phase, how to choose your migration approach, and explore data management options that will help navigate your S/4HANA journey with confidence while minimizing downtime.

Part 1 is available On-Demand. Registration for Part 2 is still open.

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Topics Covered in Part 1:
  • Overview of how many companies have actually moved to S/4
  • Why they are (and are not) moving
  • What tends to derail or extend S/4 projects (linear, separate prereq projects; archiving; etc.)
  • What can you do with SNP
  • How proper planning and prep can make things go faster and easier when the actual project starts
  • TCO reduction opportunities

Tuesday, Dec 5th: Expanding the Business Value of Your SAP S/4HANA Migrations

Part 2:
  • Our approach
  • Enhancing Efficiency with Data Governance
  • Examples of combining multiple steps into a single go-live (using different industries)
  • SAP S/4HANA RISE deal examples
  • Additional benefits from archiving and system decommissioning

Featured Speakers

Part 1


Jeffrey Lough

Pre-Sales Consultant

Darren  350x350.png

Darren Shaw

A&D Competency Leader & VP of Marketing at SNP

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Part 2


Russell Sloan

Pre-Sales Consultant


Lyell van de Laar

Transformation Consultant