CrystalBridge – Scenario Modernize

More advanced technologies, such as S/4HANA, can be a game changer for businesses. How much more could you accomplish with fewer customizations to maintain, and fewer databases to secure and manage? And what if security and compliance requirements were easier to meet and maintain?

If you could achieve a more agile, secure, and standardized technology landscape, your resource commitments would be lower, your teams more effective and motivated, and your landscape less costly to secure and manage.

But enterprises face a patchwork of legacy and antiquated IT systems. As a result, far too much time and money are being spent unifying and managing heterogeneous and complex landscapes. And while everyone agrees that modernizing them can yield tremendous benefits, everyone knows that doing so often comes at a very high cost.

Your enterprise must find a way to unlock that value with speed, minimal downtime, and lower risk. The solution is technology from SNP that automates critical transformation processes for speed and accuracy, coupled with powerful analytical capabilities.


Analyze your systems and organizational structures in order to plan, scope and simulate your project. 


Set up an empty shell copy of the source SAP system as an initial target system for the data migration and migrate only the data you need.


Build a rule base for your transformation, migrate with high speed while reducing your business disruption and verify your results.