Corporate Governance at SNP Schneider-Neureither & Partner SE

The effective implementation of corporate governance principles is an important aspect of SNP’s corporate policy. Transparent and responsible corporate governance is a prerequisite for achieving corporate targets and for increasing the Company’s value in a sustainable manner. The Administrative Board and the Managing Directors work closely with each other in the interests of the entire Company so that the Company is managed and monitored in an efficient way ensuring sustainable added value through good corporate governance.

Corporate Governance System

Pursuant to Art. 43 – 45 of the SE Regulation (SE-VO), in conjunction with sections 20 et seq. SE Implementing Law (SEAG), under the single-tier system, management of SNP SE is the responsibility of a single corporate body, the Administrative Board. The Managing Directors manage the Company’s day-to-day-business. Another important body of the company is the Annual General Meeting.

German Corporate Governance Code