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Move SAP® landscapes to the IBM Cloud quickly, simply and cost-efficiently. Analyze your existing SAP landscapes with just a few clicks and receive precise system requirements for the move to the IBM Cloud at the touch of a button. This is possible thanks to the new SNP Cloud Move for IBM solution powered by CrystalBridge® – The Data Transformation Platform.

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Take a seat in our online session to learn about our joint software solution with IBM powered by CrystalBridge®. In this quick demo, you will find out how to make your journey to the cloud tangible with interactive, real-time cloud move assessment planning.
Presented by: Arne Tornieporth, Solution Architect and Transformation Advisor at SNP.

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Colombina_Logo-1Colombina S.A., Colombia

Combining the right ingredients to create a perfect recipe for business growth and customer delight

Business Challenge

To boost its food brands, Colombina aims to empower its field sales teams to help retail clients find the optimal mix of products and the best promotions to drive sales—a tough analytics challenge.


To prepare for transformation, Colombina used IBM Rapid Move for SAP S/4HANA to slash the business downtime required to make the switch to SAP S/4HANA compared to a traditional conversion approach - combining IBM’s best-practice solutions, expertise and assets with SNP’s software tools

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ABM_Zeichenfläche 1PT ABM Investama Tbk, Indonesia

Using data analytics to respond to volatile energy markets and drive efficiency

Business Challenge

To protect profitability, cut waste, and improve efficiency, ABM Investama wanted to flex mining production in line with volatile energy prices—but slow analytics and reporting limited responsiveness.


To speed time-to-insight, ABM Investama moved to SAP S/4HANA® on the AWS cloud, completed in just six months, enabled by IBM® Rapid Move for SAP S/4HANA from IBM Services™.

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arauco logo
Arauco, Chile

Sows the seeds for sustainable growth with real-time data to boost green performance

Business Challenge

Operating in a competitive environment, efficiency is crucial for ARAUCO. To enable faster, better-informed decision-making, the company targeted real-time analytics from SAP S/4HANA®.


To accelerate the migration from SAP ERP to SAP S/4HANA, ARAUCO selected IBM® Rapid Move for SAP S/4HANA from IBM Services™—a powerful combination of best practices, accelerators and automation.

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vodafone logoVodafone, Germany

Accelerating innovation with SAP S/4HANA to enable data-driven decision-making

Business Challenge

To drive its transformation, Vodafone is creating a Digital Logistics Hub. In-memory analytics will play a key role in the new platform, and Vodafone aimed to move quickly from SAP ERP to SAP S/4HANA.


Vodafone is working with IBM® Services™ (Global Business Services®) to harness IBM Rapid Move for SAP S/4HANA—dramatically accelerating its migration journey compared to traditional methods.

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IBM Rapid Move for SAP S/4HANA - Maximize time to value with your move to SAP S/4HANA

Learn more from Nenad Belosevic, IBM, Sandip Jana, IBM and Christian Schmidt, SNP how IBM Rapid Move for SAP S/4HANA incorporates a hybrid transition approach to target process redesign and standardization, only where it is needed and how IBM and SNP can deliver your businesses successful go-live.

IBM Cloud and SNP’s Crystal Bridge - Migrating SAP Workloads to IBM Cloud

Learn more about IBM and SNP's unique way  to enable successful go-live to not only transform SAP landscapes but to move them into cloud with Tanja Scheller, IBM and John Pawlikowski, IBM

IBM Rapid Discovery - Build Your Business Case and Kick Start Your Journey to SAP S/4HANA

Watch what trends we can see for SAP S/4HANA transformations and why the planning phase is key to successful implementations with Inga Wagner-Pieper, IBM and Mohamed Saber, IBM

Lessons Learned with Colombina - Migration Success Story with IBM Rapid Move for SAP S/4HANA

Watch Carolin Kuntz, IBM and Carlos Esteban Stricker, IBM illustrating our successful customer success story with the south american consumer good corporation client Colombina and learn how their migration story to SAP S/4HANA was managed within a weekend.


Customer Story Vodafone

Answering the Call to SAP S/4HANA with IBM Rapid Move powered by CrystalBridge with Nenad Beloswvic, IBM

Mergers & Acquisitions

Maximize the speed to value of mergers, acquisitions and divestitures with this unique approach from IBM and SNP by Ben McGrail, SNP & Andrew Worsley-Tonks, IBM

Customer Story Arauco

BLUEFIELD Migration Case Study with Elias Puente, IBM

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