The Challenge

In light of the increasingly globalized business environment, KHD decided in mid-2011 to align the custom software used at its two key business sites in Germany and India and make it as consistent as possible between the sites.

The Solution

KHD launched a comprehensive project to translate and harmonize the system content. It achieved its goal with the help of SNP Dragoman.

The Advantages

  • Standard software for automated translation processes
  • SNP Dragoman provides an ideal translation environment in conjunction with a translation memory (TM)
  • Text is translated offline without requiring access to the SAP customer system
  • Possible to focus completely on the translation without worrying about categorizations in the SAP Systems to the SAP customer system
  • Translators can see all the relevant information that SNP Dragoman has extracted from the system
  • Translation environment ensures trouble-free reimports by preventing excessively long translations and the deletion of meta information
  • Translation length and cost can be established before even starting the translation

SNP Dragoman

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SNP Dragoman

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