The Key Technologies and Trends Enabling SAP Transformation in Manufacturing.

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How can manufacturing companies make significant strides forward in their digital manufacturing transformation based on customer expectation and increased competition? You asked – we listened. IT departments need to adopt methods and strategies quicker to deliver what the business needs at a much faster pace than they have in the past. Defining a solid Digital Core as a foundation for delivering new solutions “with speed” is imperative for IT departments and businesses going forward.

By leveraging the value of digital technologies, manufacturers can improve speed and efficiency, increase production, decrease costs, and provide a better customer experience.
-Improving operational efficiency and reducing costs
-Ensuring the quality of manufactured products
-Responding faster to the changing market requirements and customer demands

You should attend this webinar if you:
-IT or end-user or a blend of both.
-Looking to develop new business processes to transform manual or semi-automated processes.
-Business and IT leaders in the Manufacturing industry making plans and adopting “Smart Manufacturing” or “Industry 4.0” technologies to support the changes required to survive over the next decade.
-SAP customers looking for guidance on driving responsible excellence across the supply chain, delivering goods and services to improve society.


Meet the panelists:


Darren Shaw, VP of North America Marketing at SNP

Richard 350x350

Richard Pearson, Global Alliance Director-SAP at Fujitsu


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