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The modern enterprise is run by data


For most companies, building a data platform is not a nice to have but a necessity. Organizations distinguish themselves based on the data driven innovations that they can design and implement. Scenarios and use cases include Business Intelligence, AI/ML, Predictive Analytics, Churn Reduction, Predictive Maintenance, Fraud Detection, Clickstream Integration, etc.

However, data is still generated in silos – Glue allows you to bring SAP ERP and BW data to the warehouse investment whether on prem or in cloud.

Why SNP Glue?

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Glue is the SNP product designed to take the customer’s data platform to the next level by implementing state-of-the-art SAP data integration. It integrates SAP systems into the most modern data architectures, enabling use cases like streaming data into a data lake to feed a data product or supporting an event-based customer applications.

In addition, by connecting to any data platform, whether cloud or on premise, SNP Glue avoids the risk of vendor lock-in.

Certified by SAP, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Snowflake and Cloudera

Key Benefits

Break down data silos


Enterprise ready data extraction that doesn’t require direct database access

Modern data integration


Scalable, future-proofed, target agnostic storage.

Support for event-based and reverse ETL

Powerful and lightweight


Agile, high speed real-time and batch execution with advanced CDC



An open API interface enables application integration and orchestration with workflow managers

Leverage the SNP ecosystem


Integrates with other portfolio products for data validation, monitoring, business scenario templates

SNP Glue – new exciting use cases


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“Glue is going to become a very, very crucial part of the UFA landscape. We are using it right now on our member equity and patronage program to replicate SAP data and we will also be using it in our BW replacement project, which is ongoing right now, expecting to have BW replaced by Glue by the end of the year“.


Matthew Alves, Director Enterprise Applications, UFA


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FAQ – Your questions, our answers

SNP Glue is a solution for your existing SAP applications. Designed as an addon, it uses your existing SAP hardware, your existing SAP security procedures and fits seamlessly into your existing maintenance practices. Glue can push data and respond to requests from target system, can use Change Data Capture (CDC), data streaming or enable event-based architectures.

By utilizing Glue for data integration, SAP data silos can be easily broken down and data can be made cross-functionally and securely accessible to everyone though a modern data platform. Data can be accessed at multiple levels and from multiple sources in the SAP application layer, fitting the SAP security model. Glue is very easy to install and configure, enabling users to quickly generate insights without time-consuming and tedious data preparation. Glue is NetWeaver certified and future proof.

SNP Glue, together with cloud platforms such as Snowflake, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure or AWS provides a strong technology platform for comprehensive analytics applications. Although not limited to these technologies, they form the basis of the reference architecture for the integration of SAP data for modern and intelligent application scenarios. With the flexible and modular storage management component, SNP Glue supports connections to more than 30 databases and technologies.