Managing Directors

Michael Eberhardt


Prof. Dr. Heiner Diefenbach


Gregor Stöckler


Regional General Manager

Oliver Schwede

General Manager Central Europe

Gerald Faust

Managing Director CEO JAPAC

Dr. Oswin Hartung

MD, JAPAC Delivery

Bartek Buszczak

Regional General Manager EEME

Marcos Blas

Managing Director LATAM

Thomas Rosinski

Chief Technology Officer

Executive Team

Nicole Huber

Executive Vice President Corporate Development

Lutz Lambrecht

Vice President of Global Partner Management

Michael Dirks

Managing Director | Global Head of Services

Dr. Steele Arbeeny

Chief Technology Officer

Board of Directors

Prof. Dr. Claus E. Heinrich

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dr. Karl Benedikt Biesinger

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors

Prof. Dr. Christoph Hütten

Sebastian Reppegather

Richard Roy