Automated Transformation

Digital transformation opens up enormous opportunities and makes companies fit for the future. However, this journey also includes obstacles. As a consequence, many companies view IT transformation projects as a risk rather than an opportunity. To address this dilemma, we have developed software that implements transformation processes quickly, securely and precisely.

The Secret of SNP CrystalBridge®

SNP CrystalBridge® is based on 25 years of transformation experience and packed with ready-made content. The advantage for companies: A completely automated rule base replaces working through tables manually. Instead, you receive absolute precision based on a success rate of 100% after well over 14,500 projects worldwide.

A Very Special Side Effect

You can reuse procedures and content to simplify further migrations. The approach is clear and the software is already installed, enabling extremely fast project starts. Your business decisions can finally be implemented quickly, effortlessly and without risk – at highly reduced costs.

SNP CrystalBridge® reshapes your transformation from an obstacle into a natural, simple and rapid process. This makes your company more agile and allows you to seize market opportunities in good time.

How SNP CrystalBridge® works:



SNP CrystalBridge® scans the systems to be migrated and visualizes the data structure in a unique way. Right at the beginning of a project, you can identify what is really important. This significantly reduces the otherwise extensive groundwork.

Plan and Optimize:

Based on the processed data, the transformation scope is determined and a blueprint is created. In addition, optimization potential is easily identified. We can transfer historical data selectively as required and then archive the remaining data at low cost.


The entire data transformation procedure is so sophisticated and is guided so precisely that SNP CrystalBridge® can combine several projects into one, allowing for flexibility until the very end. Quality assurance integrated into the software notifies you when errors occur. This allows you to fix errors immediately and limit their impact on the entire project.

You can select your go-live date flexibly and even choose a date during the year. This way, your key resources are not involved in a transformation project during the year-end closing process.

Without the slightest disruption to ongoing operations, SNP CrystalBridge® delivers a project in months or even weeks that would take thousands of IT employees years of manual work to achieve.

SNP CrystalBridge® supports you with:

SAP S/4HANA®-Transformations
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Post-Merger-Integration / M&A
Carve-Outs and Divestitures in SAP
New Generation Carve-outs_782x521_Zeichenfläche 1
Cloud Move

Benefits of SNP CrystalBridge®

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  • Interactive – Run through different approaches through unique visualization options
  • Customized – Define a suitable transformation strategy using simulations and precise planning
  • Transparent – Leverage a 360° view of systems and processes for optimal monitoring
  • Standardized – Reduce effort and risk through transformation rules
  • Fast – Benefit from predefined rule bases and procedures as well as automated tests
  • Efficient – 75% faster using automation and parallel processes
  • Parallelization – Combine chart of accounts harmonizations, New GL and business partner conversions, and Unicode and system upgrades in one step
  • Near-Zero Downtime – Minimal downtime ensures continuous operations
  • Flexible – Schedule the go-live on the day of your choice
  • Trusted – More than 14,500 successfully completed transformations
  • Cloud – Operate your systems in any cloud
  • Certified - BLUEFIELD™ powered by SNP CrystalBridge® is certified by PwC and EY.


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SNP CrystalBridge® Scenarios


Govern & Quality

Actively monitor & manage your data

• Building data dashboards for governance with pre-built content (reports & KPIs)
• Cover all major data aspects: growth / aging, quality / duplicates, compliance & privacy
• Duplicate Scan

Test & Validate

Automate to reduce time, risk and increase quality

• Selective System Copy
• Test Data Copy
• Data Masking
• Automated data validation
• Source to Target comparison


Archive & Retire

Actively manage data footprint and compliance 

• Manage end of data lifecycle
• Archive data / docs
• Retire full SAP systems


Transform & Migrate

Harmonize, Carve, Merge, Move to S/4, BW/4,​ DWH, Cloud

• SAP to SAP data migration for M&A or Carve outs
• Move to SAP S/4HANA
• Move to SAP BW/4HANA
• Harmonize / rename SAP data
• NZDT Migrations
• (selective) Lift & Shift 


Modernize & Innovate

Innovate with SAP data on your platform of choice​

• Business data catalog of SAP data
• Offload SAP data in full or delta to innovate
• Data Science on SAP
• Move current custom ABAP code to the cloud