Outboard ERP Archiving


Mitigate risk, smash costs and accelerate SAP archiving!



Outboard ERP Archiving


If cold data is not properly archived, stored and/or destroyed, it opens it up to a myriad of risks. Improperly handled data or documents can result in fines (or even jail time!), not to mention reputational damage, due to compliance infringements on legal regulations such as GDPR, SOC, HIPAA and GLBA, business disruption, and revenue loss. On top of this the volume of data is still continually growing and costs are rapidly increasing.



Take the guesswork out of archiving

Outboard ERP Archiving can help you quickly mitigate all these risks by taking the complexity and the guesswork out of SAP archiving. With Outboard ERP Archiving you can automate the archiving process, manage retention rules and legal hold, all whilst retaining 100 % of the historical data you need for reporting, (tax) audits and intelligence.

  • Reduce your SAP database by 50 % and more by archiving cold data to inexpensive storage
  • Choose your own storage or use your corporate data lake – supports more than 30 different technologies, including all major cloud providers (Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure)
  • Outboard ERP Archiving is certified by SAP SE and supports compliant archiving of your data and documents
  • Enable archived data for reporting, intelligence and innovation
  • Analyze your data for archiving potential and learn how much space you can save
  • Seamless, futureproof access to historical data
  • Automate the archiving process and save on valuable resources
  • Flexible OCR support – no vendor lock-in
  • Support for structured and unstructured data
  • Easy migration from existing historical archive
  • Fast ROI

Key Benefits 

Save on Total Cost of Ownership


Reduce your data footprint and limit future data growth by archiving to low-cost storage such as the cloud. Save on additional costs such as expert resources and proprietary hardware or hardware requirements for software installation – OutBoard is natively integrated with SAP and is ABAP based so you can easily incorporate support, operation and maintenance activities with your existing SAP processes.

Leverage 100% of Your SAP Data - Access all Areas


Even though your data and documents may be archived to the cloud – the way you access them remains the same via your standard SAP transactions – making everyday access not just easy, but seamless for users. Aside from that, we know how valuable historical data is for reporting and insights – OutBoard makes your archived data transparent, so it can be leveraged for reporting and business intelligence.

Stay Compliant  - Retain. Assess. Destroy.


When your data is no longer required, and even more so, when it is legally requested to destroy the data, Retention Management handles this effortlessly and ensures that your data is destroyed and purged based on rules set up for all business objects. Of course, there is always an exception to every rule. When data is under investigation (e.g., as part of a litigation), our Legal Hold component ensures that this data is stored securely and is not destroyed as part of the normal lifecycle until it is released independently.

Accelerate Processing - Don't just Archive. Automate.


Let Outboard ERP Archiving do the hard, tedious work for you. Run an analysis to understand your archiving potential and the space you can save. OutBoard uses this analysis to automate the archiving so you can just schedule, sit back and wait for progress updates via email!