Outboard Datatiering. 


Hot or cold – How do you rate your data?


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Fact: Over 80% of your SAP systems are cluttered with data that no one uses

Do you have a large or rapidly growing business warehouse or are you preparing for an SAP HANA migration? Make sure that you have access to all important data – no matter where it is stored.

Archive your data to reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) and keep data growth under control.
OutBoard DataTiering is a holistic archiving solution that moves data between the SAP database and an external storage of your choice (e.g. cloud-based or on-premises data lakes) according to its usage or age of data. Active data remains in the database during daily operations, cold or old data is archived. Archive data can still be used for reports and possibly for updates.

OutBoard DataTiering is the only available solution that makes archived data available for further data analytics in the data lake.

Archive data according to its degree of utilization

Fast implementation thanks to accelerators:

  • Reduce operational costs and reduce efforts
  • Archiving of aged & cold data in a cost-effective storage (cloud or on-premise)
  • Automatic identification of aged and cold data based on usage
  • Automation of set up and scheduling to reduce effort
  • Competitive license model to secure HANA investment or replace existing archive and document management store
  • Ensure legal compliance with automated data retention and legal holdSchnelle Implementierung dank Acceleratoren

Benefits of Outboard Datatiering


Reduce operational costs
and reduce efforts


All data accessible
from SAP and
availiabe for future
analytics in the data lake


Data management by
value, use, business
closing status, not by age