Creating Value by IT

Your ERP landscape is constantly evolving. Throughout its lifecycle, a typical ERP system must undergo multiple transformations - such as upgrades, patches and merger or splits - which are triggered by business, regulatory, and technical requirements. These changes tend to be risky, costly, and time consuming – making it increasingly difficult for IT to keep up with business requirements.

The SNP Transformation Cloud (STC) ensures quality delivery of any kind of transformation, so you can be more agile in addressing constant change. With SNP, you can easily scope and accelerate the delivery of any ERP transformation without compromising on risk or cost.

Reduce Time, Cost, and Risk

Whether you’re facing an upgrade, merger, split or harmonization and/or have any other custom changes that you need to deliver, use SNP to gain unparalleled visibility into your projects and systems before and during the delivery. SNP Transformation Cloud will:

  • map your system landscape and transformation projects
  • create a risk-based impact analysis dashboard
  • show you what transformation objects (standard and custom) will be impacted
  • give you an overview about tailored tests and validations in a transformation project

Transformation Cloud

SNP’s Transformation Cloud core technology pillars provide the foundation for a comprehensive set of solutions which increase quality, reduce risk, and enable agility in your ERP transformation projects. The Transformation Cloud is powered by “Cloud Wisdom”. Leveraging Big Data ana-lytics technology, it learns from the aggregated data of thousands of projects, to em-power you with the collective experience of the SNP community.

So whether you’re dealing with a new ERP release, Chart of Accounts structure change, version upgrade, system or client merge, or any other transformation project – you can be sure that it will be much easier and faster.


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