Data Lifecycle Management


Take Command of your SAP Data.
Control growth, costs and compliance while maximizing data value

„Data growth remains IT's biggest challenge." 

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Data Lifecycle Management

With the average growth rate of SAP databases at 25-30% per year, are you facing increasing business disruption due to exploding data growth in HANA coupled with dwindling IT budgets?

Maybe you are overwhelmed by what to archive as well as the risk of taking critical data out of production. Or is the thought of long, costly and complex archiving projects in preparation for S/4HANA and BW/4HANA possibly even combined with a move to the cloud weighing heavily on your mind?

Are you struggling to gain a single view of all of your productive, archived and decommissioned SAP data – in order to gain real value and actionable insights? Nearly 50 % of all organizations feel they are not or only slightly effective at maximizing value from data.

Added to this, there is the worry of repetitional damage or revenue loss because of non-compliance due to legal requirements and ensuring seamless data access? (The average compliance cost for organizations across all industries worldwide is 4.5 million €).

Solve all your data lifecycle problems – faster with OutBoard Suite

Reduce your SAP TCO, mitigate risk and future-proof your SAP data access – all together with maximum automation and acceleration.
OutBoard Suite is the first behavior- and policy-based data lifecycle management suite for SAP. Its modular design covers all sets of SAP data: analytical, transactional, documents, temporary and legacy – across your entire landscape.
It encompasses all major aspects, such as our patented usage analysis, mass archiving, data and document retention management with a strong focus on automation and TCO reduction to enable a fast ROI. Our flexible storage management component – certified by SAP SE – ensures your move to the cloud is flexible and provides easy & future-proof access to your data. this means you can store all your SAP data, in a transparent format, in one place, for a 360° view on your business.

Control growth, costs and compliance while maximizing data value and safeguarding access for as long as you need it.

The Benefits

Reduce costs – get it done economically!


  • Lower your TCO
  • Mitigate the risk of non-compliance
  • Maximize your investment and enable innovation with easy access to all of your SAP data – including historical data.

Accelerate – get it done fast!


  • Rapid implementation
  • Automated archiving process
  • Maximized business continuity
  • Fast track your S/4, BW/4 and Cloud strategy

Key components of the OutBoard Suite:



Control growth across your entire SAP landscape with archiving solutions that help you analyze your data and automate the archiving process, while ensuring compliance and future proofing your data access.

ERP data and document archiving: Visit the product page
BW archiving: Visit the product page


Automate system housekeeping and save on valuable time and resources: Visit the product page


Reduce SAP TCO, mitigate risk and ensure the data you must keep is securely stored and available for as long as you need it: Visit the product page​

Accelerate S/4 and cloud migration – focus on cleaning up, storage management and our expert services

Strike the balance between transforming to innovate and the overall total cost of ownership together with regulatory compliance. Outboard Suite can help to fast track your way to S/4HANA and BW/4HANA by mitigating risk and preparing your data foundation in advance. Moving your historical data to the cloud can enable you to reduce costs whilst optimizing your SAP landscape in the face of a complex transformation. Find out how we can not only help you with our expert services and software, but how we as one of Selective Data Transition Engagement partners, can also execute on your transformation strategy.