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Why move to the cloud?

Modern IT - innovative, flexible, agile and transparent. Companies have long since recognised that these are among the most important
success factors. Cloud infrastructures accelerate the digital transformation and make a central contribution
for future-proof corporate modernisation.


Why SNP Cloud Move?


SNP Cloud Move provides software and methodology that is guaranteed to help you master the challenges of a cloud migration. SNP’s automated software CrystalBridge®, coupled with our partnerships with hyperscalers, system integrators and cloud service providers, enable a fast andcost -effective move of your SAP systems to the cloud. At SNP, we can also offer solutions for optimisation if you are already in the cloud.

There is only one way: up into the cloud


Only the cloud can offer an accelerated digital transformation. Its infrastructure enables companies to implement innovative, agile and transparent processes in order to quickly adapt existing business models and introduce new ones.



SNP Cloud Move & Migration Packages - Which package do I need?

Migrating SAP landscapes to the cloud is no longer an unpredictable and risky project. With SNP's predefined cloud migration packages, project costs are completely transparent and SNP's CrystalBridge® software platform accelerates the path to the cloud. We support you in selecting the right cloud migration package!
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Moving to the cloud is becoming essential for companies who are looking to stay ahead of the competition. Why? Because cloud unlocks so much innovation potential, significantly increases efficiency and can reduce TCO.

Learn how SNP can help get you to the cloud.

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Fast and innovative implementation 

Project duration of 6 months instead of 18 months

SNP's approach enabled a go-live in a weekend with almost zero downtime. Migration to the cloud with CrystalBridge software enables future growth and innovation.


FAQ – Your questions, our answers

Companies hardly ever get around to dealing with the topic of the cloud in their day-to-day business. They have other priorities that already consume their resources or they see the cost factor as the main argument for not carrying out a cloud project. They cannot or do not want to raise additional funds for supposedly uncertain future projects. The fact that a cloud project does not have to be a risk and that the effort pays off many times over can be impressively demonstrated by cloud experts based on successful migrations.

SNP's software-supported planning offers companies maximum transparency even before the transformation. The automated and software-based approach enables targeted system optimisation during the cloud move. The result: a leaner and optimised target system with significantly higher data quality and lower cloud operating costs. SNP works with the most important hyperscalers and a broad network of different system integrators. These collaborations enable us to meet any of your requirements and migrate your systems and data to the cloud quickly and securely.

Established providers ensure professional security management and higher security standards. However, to achieve more data security with the cloud, the principle of shared responsibility applies internal: IT security officers should make the cloud an integral part of their IT security strategy and have a cloud budget to implement measures for all-round protection in close cooperation with providers and IT security service providers.