Success Story: Successfully Carving-out Company Codes

“We had already performed three successful carve-out projects with SNP. We were impressed with SNP Transformation Backbone and used it to carry out this latest project quickly.” Wolfgang Widmoser, Bank Management and ERP Systems Subject Group Bank Management and Accounting Data Pool and ALM Data Processing Center (ARZ)

The Challenge

Hypo Alpe Adria was being carved up into three units following a change of ownership. ARZ now faced the challenge of splitting up the SAP company codes and transferring them to two target clients.

The Solution

ARZ decided to execute this project with SNP Transformation Backbone®, the world‘s first standard software that automatically analyzes changes in IT systems and implements them in a standardized way.

The Advantage

  • SAP company codes were transferred to two target clients
  • Migrated data was deleted from the source client
  • Painless, error-free go-live
  • Short completion time
  • Content creation in SAP SEM Banking