Success Story: Successfully Adjusted Company Codes

“Thanks to SNP, we knew what was going at all times during the entire project – while only having a minimal effect on our ongoing IT operations.” Alexander Hell, Team Leader, Customer Financial Processes, Wien IT Dienstleistungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG

The Challenge

As a result of changing the fiscal year, the numerical value of several companies’ fiscal year was one year ahead of the calendar year. The fiscal year of the affected companies needed to be changed to match the calendar year.

The Solution

The technical data migration was conducted using the SNP Transformation Backbone® software as a central analysis, management, documentation, and migration tool.

The Advantage

  • Short project time
  • Complete documentation of the change
  • Adjustment of all relevant elements (including workflow, table logging, and customer lists)
  • Testing support and documentation using automated reporting processes